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中山工作服,中山工衣,中山厂服,中山广告服定制服务, 中山市依索连城服饰有限公司

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  Located in Jiangshan Industrial District of Jiangmen City,Chinese famous motorcycle production base, Zhenli MachineryCompany is a high-tech company specializing in R&D,design,production,and after-sale services.since its foundation in 2002,after a decade's development and dedication,Zhenli has developed into a modem factory with imported CNC machining center,gantry milling,planer,grinder,and other advanced equipment,The main products of Zhenli including “ZL” series of hot chamber die casting machines,“ZLC”series of cold chamber die casting machines have become one of the world's best selling brands.

Products and Services
  Computer controlled hot chamber die casting machine
  The development of the automatic peripheral equipment and the solution of the machine automation
  The provision of the world famous robot,including ABB,ANCHUANG,Fanuc,Kuka

Application Field
  Zhenli machines are widely applied in the sectors of toys,appliances,building materials and hardware,industrial parts,auto parts,electronics,etc,In a word,our machines almost can satisfy all kinds of production of castings.

Team Members
  Zhenli has a qualified R&D team consisting of a Singapore professional management team and a die casting machine designer team.

  Company Culture: To Provide A Provide A Pople-Oriented Home for Employees
  Comany Commitment:Honesty First, Quick Response, High-Quality and Satisfactory Services.
  Company Philosophy:Chasing for the Best,Casting for the Classic
  Company Spirit:Exploitation,Innovation,Enterprise,add Win-Win
  Company Goal:To Become a Globally famous brand in the line of die casting machine

Three Reasons to Choose Zhenli Machine
1.Easy Operation
  The machine is equipped with intelligent computer controller,which makes the control system more stalbe and reliable;its big liquid crystal screen provides easy operation.Furthermore,our self-developed graphical interface makes the parameter setting easier,and convenient for production management.

2.High Stability
  Piston-type accumulator is used for the beam-type injection system,which makes the injection speed high as well as stable.The dry shot speed is bigger than 5 m/s.Thus,the production quality can be secured.

3.High efficiency
  The unique double-proportional hydraulic system greatly improves the response speed of the machine.Simultaneously,our machines are provided with fast die clamping system,so the production cycle is smaller than others.
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AddNo.50 BaoTang Road,Tangxia Town, Jiangmen city ,China
Tel:0086-750-7361818 / 7360858
热室压铸机,冷室压铸机,压铸机厂,锌铝合金压铸机, 江门市振力机械有限公司
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