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中山工作服,中山工衣,中山厂服,中山广告服定制服务, 中山市依索连城服饰有限公司

◆ Contacts:Mr.Li

◆ Mobile:0086-13302590675

◆Tel:0086-750-7361818 / 7360858

◆ Fax:0086-750-7360818

◆ Email:zszhenli@zszhenli.com

◆ Add:No.50 BaoTang Road,Tangxia Town, Jiangmen city ,China

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+0086 13302590675

◆Wechat:Mr. Gong 13824743116 Mr. Li 13302590675

Service support

Perfect service guarantee           

Service target:           

    The principle of good faith, timely and quick reflection, the work of excellence, thoughtful and satisfactory service           

Service commitment:           

    The development of your enterprise is our progress, and focus on this and services           

Service concept:           

    We always believe that the long-term development of enterprises is inseparable from the long-term support of customers, the long-term support of customers can not be separated from good after-sales service guarantee, customer satisfaction is our responsibility!           

Service core:           

    Improve service and technical support by the "force" company customer service center implementation. We will continue to provide long-term: "quality service" and minimize the product           

Unknown risks, to provide customers with assured products.           

Pre sale service:           

    We offer one to one service to our customers. Provide purchase suggestion, selection design and technical support for customers. Let customers minimize the cost of production input, buy the most           

Practical products.           

    Sales services: we provide delivery, installation, commissioning, operator training and other services.           

After-sale service:           

1. home delivery, and bear all the responsibility for damage during the delivery process.           

2. commissioning and installation, after the product enters the designated location, in the customer ready to complete the necessary auxiliary facilities, and notify us. The debugger will arrive at the machine within 24 hours           

After commissioning, customer confirmation.           

3. operation training: our company will select experienced, good quality technical debugging personnel to train the operators of the customer, until the operator can operate independently.           

Customers can also assign personnel to our company for training.           

4. home repair: customer found product failure notify our company. Our company will reply within 24 hours, and be handled by telephone guidance, can not handle           

The maintenance personnel in our company will arrive at the location of the machine within 24 hours as soon as possible, so that our company will be there within 48 hours, such as a long distance or inconvenient traffic area.

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AddNo.50 BaoTang Road,Tangxia Town, Jiangmen city ,China
Tel:0086-750-7361818 / 7360858
热室压铸机,冷室压铸机,压铸机厂,锌铝合金压铸机, 江门市振力机械有限公司
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Mr. Gong 13824743116(China)

Mr. Li 13302590675 (Ministry of foreign trade)

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